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Galway Tool and Mould invest in the most technologically advanced, automated equipment and software available. We use the latest 3D CAM software, to program the high speed machining centres and the EDM section which has resulted in the elimination of manual programming and a reduction in the final fitting time. This makes for a more efficient and controlled environment producing a better quality mould.

We operate a clean, organised manufacturing area with an efficient work-flow to ensure we develop robust, reliable production processes, necessary to deliver repeatable core and cavity inserts. We have many years experience in a number of industries. We offer a full range of pilot, upscale, production and repeat series moulds.

Prototype Mould

A prototype mould is an ideal way to prove a concept for a plastic component. This type of mould is a very cost-effective way to prove if a concept is viable or not.

GTM’s prototype mould service offering has many advantages, such as the lead time. Typically, a prototype mould can be completed in a very short period of time. 

This is a faster solution to have a production comparable product, which allows for market testing and show & tell to your key opinion leaders and customers.  

Depending on requirements, a prototype mould can also be used for pilot runs or low volume production.

Working with the prototype mould has many advantages, it’s a process that prepares you for the overall scale up. At GTM we offer our prototype mould service as part of our overall package. 


  • Rapid solution to prove concepts
  • Cost effective solution to eliminate costly production tool rework
  • Quickly refine engineering parts
  • Allows quick customer evaluations
  • Prove runner concepts and gating positions
two men testing mould prototypes
gtm employee manufacturing pilot moulds

Pilot Mould

GTM have always promoted a solutions-based approach backed up by feasibility studies to manufacture pilot moulds to the best standards in order to guarantee the highest degree of lessons learnt from these types of mould tools.

The pilot mould will prove the concept of the tool and the process.

Our pilot moulds are built to the same quality and standard that you would build a production mould to, which would allow these parts to be used in a clinical setting as a small scale production mould. 


  • Highly experienced in Medical device and Pharmaceutical mould tool design
  • Experienced in risk analysis and solutions
  • Mold-flow analysis capabilities
  • Design qualifications/DFMs to support recommendations
  • ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 accredited

Production Mould

GTM manufactures extremely precise mould tools to SPI 101 classification that give our customers maximum reliability which in turn gives them a manufacturing advantage and a downstream cost benefit.

We have vast experience of manufacturing a range of moulds up to 3 Tonne.

At GTM we have a broad range of experience of working with complex challenging materials  such as Peek, PBT’s and TPE for 2 shot and over-mould tools.

GTM have maximised production capacities with ‘Lights Out’ manufacturing. We are continually investing in our facilities and capabilities, this has seen a significant increase in our capacity. 

We have one of the highest manufacturing capacities available in Ireland and the UK, through continuous investment we are striving to be the best in Europe.

By having all of our support structures in house from design to repair and maintenance, we have a proven track record of delivering on time.


  • Efficient workflow programs
  • Consistent inspection controls
  • Guaranteed repeatability with full cavity and core interchangeability across the mould
  • High cavitation up to 96 impressions
  • Over moulding on hyper tubes
  • 2 Shot moulds
icons representing the five steps in mould manufacturing
GTMs five steps to precision moulding
Image of two production moulds