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Mould Design
& DFM Services

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis is one of the most critical elements of the design process.

Galway Tool & Mould offer a complete solution that starts with even the earliest concept and carries it right through the development process. We bring your concept to reality.

We apply a critical thought process to the part to see if there are any issues which could come up down the line and eliminate them, thus avoiding costly mistakes.

Our designers work closely with the customer from initial product design stage as a partnership to produce a high-quality product in an efficient and reliable process environment.

At GTM, we are known for working closely with our customers on their core ideas and generating feasible, innovative concepts. 

We have an experienced design team which use the latest in 3D modelling software for designing complex moulds. Our design team produce designs of complex high end production moulds.

We also provide a moldflow analysis to foresee any potential problems in the final process and ensure that design is optimised. This has many benefits such as; it gives a fill sequence, it shows gas traps, warpage and where hotspots will be in moulding. It also predicts cycle time.

GTM Mould Design


  • Functional component design
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM)
  • Full design of high cavitation complex moulds
  • Quality solutions for complex projects 


  • Team of 5 dedicated mould designers
  • Efficient design turn around time
  • Your concept is brought to a robust industrial design
  • Expert advice & experience