Galway Tool & Mould offer a turnkey solution for our customers, from Product Design & Development right through to Mould Trial, Validation & Metrology.

Design For Manufacture

Starting with your core idea


Galway Tool & Mould offer a complete turnkey solution that starts with even the earliest concept and carries it right through the development process. At GTM, we are known for working with our customers on their core ideas and generating feasible, innovative concepts. We have an experienced design team which use the latest in 3D modelling software for designing complex moulds. Our designers work closely with the customer from initial product design stage as a partnership to produce a high quality product in an efficient and reliable process environment. We also provide a moldflow analysis to foresee any potential problems in the final process and ensure that design is optimized.

Prototyping, Pilot Tooling, Production Tooling

Technologically advanced manufacturing

Galway Tool and Mould invest inthe most technologically advanced, automated equipment and software available. We use the latest 3D CAM software, to program the high speed machining centres and the EDM section has resulted in the elimination of manual programming and a reduction inthe final fitting time. This makes for a more efficient and controlled environment producing a better quality mould.

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Approved with in-house mould trial, validation & metrology.

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In our mould trial and validation centre, we can trial all moulds manufactured using all electric Fanuc moulding machines ranging from 30 tonnes to 300 tonnes in a class 8 cleanroom environment. This allows the customer go into production with a fully validated mould.

Our metrology labs will supply the customer with full metrology reports from FAI to CPK studies using the latest in vision and touch probe systems. Galway Tool and Mould Ltd also design and supply metrology fixtures supported with gauge R&R to complete our turnkey solution.

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